The Last Day – Den siste dagen

The old man wakes up after another night with nightmares. Someone is trying to play on his old piano, that is out of tune. He knows that the end is near, there is just one more thing that he has to do…


The film was finally finished in May 2019 after a very long production time. The script is made after a short story by Frode Grytten. It started in the early 2000s and it was given a little grant from Fond for lyd og bilde to work with the script. Then It didn’ t succeed to continue and the project slept away in the drawer (-or rather, in a computer folder) – like so many projects.

So, lots of years of advanced computer technology later, I succeeded in making it all of myself and with my own means. It only took about 3 years more. I am the only contributor to this film. That means that it is not perfect in any way. I still hope that someone might want to see it. I am not aiming at the youngest audience this time!

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