Margaret Emdal

Is a Visual artist, Director, Animator, & Graphic Designer, living in Oslo, Norway.

She was born in Stranda, a village situated at Storfjorden in the western part of the country. She started out on the artistic road 16 years old in Langevåg, not far from Ålesund, as one of Einar Aarø’s pupils at the school for Graphics and Drawing in 1970-71. Then more artistic work at Manger Fylkesskole.  In 1972 she continued studying Visual Communication at FHS Münster in Germany. In 1977 she graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design.

She started her working carreer as an editorial designer at Gyldendal in Oslo. Then followed some years as a freelancer in Germany. Back in Oslo in 1981 she started as a Graphic Designer for NRK (Norwegian Broadcast Corp). During this time she cought the interest for the art of animation, and she made her first short films Tango Caramba (1992) and Heartattack (1997).

After 20 years, in 2000 it was time to move on. She continued working as an independent artist and producer with her own projects. She also made an old dream come true. From 2002 she attended Medieval studies at UiO and graduated with a Master of Philosophy in 2008.

Then it was also time to continue with animation film projects. Red & Silver was finished in 2016. Two years later came Den siste dagen / The Last Day. Another project called Thunder Story is about to come and will, hopefully, be finished in 2023.

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