The Last Day – Den siste dagen

The old man wakes up after another night with nightmares. Someone is trying to play on his old piano, that is out of tune. He knows that the end is near, there is just one more thing that he has to do…   The film was finally finished in May 2019 after a very long… Continue reading The Last Day – Den siste dagen

Red & Silver

Red & Silver has been on the road since 2016 and attended more than 20 festivals throughout the whole world. They are still around and you can see the film on YouTube. Please visit this link for more info! *** *** ***   *** *** *** And the trailer.


Heartattack was my second film, made in 1995-97. It is about love and the lack of love, about envy and lonelyness in a society where the surface and the looks are most important. The film was made in classical animation, drawn on cells and shot on 35 mm film. No cell in this film stands… Continue reading Heartattack

Tango Caramba

My first film was made in 1992, while working at NRK as a graphic designer. I was granted the use of the 35 mm Crass camera and some space for drawing during 3 months time by my the time leaders. The film was made in classical animation, but in a rationalized way. The story started… Continue reading Tango Caramba

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